Life Lived Strategically

with Christy Lamagna

Life is the Ultimate Event. It is a fully immersive experience full of connections, interactions, conversations and opportunities.

Some of us approach the event that is life from a position of power, constantly making lists and plans and dusting ourselves off when we make mistakes. There is a plan and a goal and time, energy and thought that is put towards achieving them. Not everything goes according to plan but that’s part of the ride.

Others of us take more of a passive role, preferring to be an attendee rather than the organizer. These people tend to go with the flow and think of life as something that happens to them. If there is a plan it is likely not fully developed or updated. Mistakes are seen as failures and as reasons to be passive rather than proactive.

Most of us cross the line from one side to the other. There are challenges that cause us to ‘check out’ for a while but we get back on track. Some of us have flashes of inspiration and optimism only to cross to the more passive approach when the plan gets too hard to follow.

When you choose to be the architect of your life you are building something. There are things you are going to accomplish that only you can. You are special and bring something to this world that sets you apart from everyone else. You are living your life strategically.

No matter what route we take our lives are shaped by our beliefs, values, attitudes, work ethic, open-mindedness; the list is endless. After you set your goal you have many decisions to make on how to get there. Sometimes we are so busy in the day to day demands of life that our goals get buried, put on hold, forgotten. Replaced. Abandoned. When that happens, you’re in the passive attendee role rather than the planner.


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