At times we experience an inner restlessness. To the outside world we are living a perfect life but, at times, feel unhappy. We are smart and successful but can feel empty and unengaged. We know there is more but don’t know what it is or how to get there. These challenges are not unique to gender, income or age. They plague people who have an untapped or under-utilized talent or unfulfilled desires. All too often we are so occupied helping others, meeting goals and perceived expectations, that we lose our way and end up living trapped and unhappy.


Working together, in an evolving process, we will explore challenges, obstacles, self-limitations and unhealthy habits. I will create a personalized process, matching your specific learning style, timeline and communication preferences. Our time together will advance and refine your talents, giving you the best practices and new skills to fulfill your professional and personal goals.


I am creating and designing Life Lived Strategically to become a repository of life lessons, professional tips, best practices and ideas for anyone who wants to find useful information in a supportive format. I am an accomplished professional speaker, coach and mentor, instructor, and the CEO and Master Strategist of Strategic Meetings & Events.

A significant portion of my professional life is dedicated to helping shape the event industry, and I continue to mentor professionals in all stages of their career as giving back is the most meaningful use of my time. This is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career so far.


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