Ask The Author Webinar With Christy Lamagna

Thank you for supporting my desire to become a best-selling author and for purchasing my book, The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals.

Over the past year, I’ve heard from so many people that after reading my book and applying the principles discussed within the pages that their lives, both professional and personal, have changed for the better. Others had questions about the application of the principles. It occurred to me after several encounters that I may be able to help others with questions they have had with no way of finding the answers.

With that said, maybe you have a current challenge you would like strategic advice on or perhaps you are interested in the challenges of others and want to hear a dialog which could also be beneficial to you.  In my quest to be an intellectual philanthropist, I am offering you to be a part of an exclusive group who will come together and join me for my “Ask the Author” webinar.  It doesn’t matter how you show up, showing up and starting your strategic process is the key.

In addition to the webinar and as part of the one-year anniversary celebration of my book, I am working to attain more Amazon reviews – You can’t get a book a gift, but they love reviews (and I would love to read them)!  I want this to be an win-win for all of us so I have set up a contest which will allow me to attain those reviews and for me to help you enhance your overall quality of life by offering the free giveaway of private coaching sessions. I know you have purchased and read the book, so entering this contest is simple for your efforts.

There are three ways to win:


Follow me on LinkedIn at and Submit an Amazon review of my book outlining your success story here. Send a screen shot of your review to and you will receive access to the exclusive Ask the Author webinar at 1:00 PM on January 30, 2020.


The best written testimonial about the principle you used in the book and the success that was achieved by using it will receive ½ hour of coaching with me personally.


Go above and beyond and submit a video testimonial – the most memorable, attention-grabbing video which speaks to one of the principals in the book will receive 1 hour of coaching with me.

  • ALL VIDEO TESTIMONIALS WILL be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing for a trip to Chicago for a full day of coaching! (Includes complementary Coach ticket into and out of Chicago airport, Transportation to and from Chicago airport, 4 hours of coaching and lunch with me!

Thank you for your help and, most of all, I look forward to working with you!

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