My Life as a Master Strategist – Catch Me if You Can

As an entrepreneur, master strategist, speaker, trainer and author, my calendar is power- packed with meetings, events, coaching, speaking, and book signings. Sharing information to help people make mental connections and connecting people to others they need to meet is my passion, so my work brings me joy.

As you can see, I am on a plane almost weekly, crisscrossing the county and sometimes the globe, meeting new people and sharing my message along the way. All too often I hear, “I would have loved to meet up. If I only knew you were in town!”

So, going forward I will be sharing my Master Calendar, and you’re welcome to put yourself on it. Whether you want to book a laser-focus strategy session, an in-house team training, a ‘pick my brain’ consult, grab a cup of tea or anything in between, you’re invited to be part of my time in your area.

My Master Calendar

Don’t forget to bookmark this link, I’ll be constantly updating it with new events and schedule changes!

This is for old friends and new relationships waiting to happen, so… Catch me if you can by dropping me an email to schedule a meet-up. Find me at;

I can’t wait to see you!

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